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Kangdivo has established marketing headquarters and production research and development base in Shanghai, and has set up sales network in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Wuhan, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other large and medium-sized cities.

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The modular assembly method of KDWALL partition system reduces the residual materials during field processing, and the factory production also shorts the time of field operation, which greatly avoids a series of product quality problems caused by cross construction and field conditions. The world is always changing and people's demands for space are always changing, and we are focused on creating green Spaces that co-evolve with the changing world.

The surface of partition profile adopts environmental friendly electrostatic powder spraying technology.

All products do not contain harmful gas release, all products refuse to use gel. Production surplus materials can be recycled. KDWALL partitions can be reused or migrated without garbage generation in the process.

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For our partners to provide stable technical support, continuous product training and fast product supply, in order to maximize the customer's constantly updated organizational needs for space.

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VISTA V Series

There is no column connection between the glass, the use of special EPDM modified rubber strip connection, seamless docking between the modules, integrated, the scenery in a glance; 10+12mm glass, not only ensure the overall structure stability, but also improve the partition sound insulation performance, up to 55dB, is the only choice to create a bright quiet space.


The glass panel is pasted on the frame by special adhesive strips, and the hook-hanging technology of HIDDEN frame creates HIDDEN extreme smooth appearance; The screen printing process around the glass panel frame depicts the exquisite line beauty of HIDDEN. Modular systems are easy to assemble, disassemble and reuse.

LINE L Series

The modular design of LINE prefabricated frame modules in the factory and mounted on the construction site greatly reduced the construction time on site. Modular design is easy to disassemble, clean lines, the overall structure is stable and reliable, can be arbitrarily matched with a variety of supporting components.

WAND W Series

High precision steel hanging keel collocation WAND series sound insulation technology, unique table plate is produced by the collision of two series of WAND proud of high sound insulation performance, decorative panel can choose more material, fabric panels, opaque glass, metal and wood veneer, etc., meet the demand of more design.

GLASS G Series

GLASS series is the most modern and exquisite product system of KDWALL, showing the transparency and fashion sense of GLASS material in the partition to the extreme, which has been favored by designers since its launch.

FIRE F Series

Combined with KDWALL's years of product experience, FIRE series is a functional fireproof product developed for the market demand of fireproof partition. F50 is class C 1.5h single glass fireproof partition, and F100 is class C 1.5h double glass fireproof partition. Both of them have fireproof performance, while F100 is more excellent in sound insulation, functional components, modular loading and unloading.


CLADDING panels of CLADDING walls through steel keels can extremely fit the solid wall to save space and cleverly hide various facilities. Decorative panels have a variety of options, can use glass, metal, wood, fabric and other finishes.

GMP Series

Hidden frame design lines and transparent sense, excellent sound insulation, mobile partition smart separation function and other extreme quality performance, GMP is a collection of advantages and one of the boutique partition system; When combined with finished partition system, it can create infinite possibilities of space. Can be configured with dimming system and electronic control louvers, GMP series has manual and electric two operating modes.

SGM Series

SGM panoramic single glass partition makes the space layout more flexible, and uses the transparent property of glass to realize the extension of visual space; 10/12mm single-layer glass is fixed by separate glass clamps through built-in screws, and the glass door can be opened at full height with special SGM sky/earth axis and door closing device.

SMP Series

SMP series has the sound insulation performance of the finished system and a variety of panel choices, which provides architects with many Wall appearance effects and meets the aesthetic emotion of space planning. SMP series has manual and electric operation odes.

HMP Series

HMP series is a physical mobile partition system specially designed for hotels and restaurants. HMP68 is more suitable for box restaurants and other scenes because of its easy storage. HMP100 series is more suitable for banquet halls, lecture halls and other scenes because of its higher sound insulation and larger plate width.

PD Series

The solution of the door system is to reflect the biggest feature of partition integrity. In the design of the door system, we should consider not only the aesthetics and coordination of the door leaf, but also the strength and stability of the door frame system. The sound insulation treatment of the door leaf can better reflect the professionalism of kdwall door system.

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Our Clients